Bolt on Autonomous Vehicle

MIT WPU's School of Mechanical Engineering is super proud to Congratulate our final year BTech students for developing an excellent "Bolt on Autonomous Vehicle". It's a driverless electric four-wheeler using Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the intention of reducing accidents and deaths caused by human errors.
The car is based on level-III autonomy and uses BLDC motor. A lithium iron phosphate battery has been used to power the vehicle. The steering, throttle and brake system of the vehicle are controlled using a number of AI and ML algorithms, involving leader cameras, microprocessors, automated action control systems and various sensors etc.

This vehicle has the power of 3kW and takes 4 hours to charge. It can cover a distance of 40 km. Such vehicles have numerous applications in agriculture, mining, transportation, and other fields.

Project Team:
Yash Keskar,
Sudhanshu Manerikar,
Sourabh Damkale,
Shubhanga Kulkarni,
Pratyaksh Pandey, and
Prerna Kolipaka