Prof. Dr. Prasad D. Khandekar

Prof. Dr. Prasad D. Khandekar

Dean of Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Dear Students and Parents,

Having won accolades nationally, evident from our NIRF and TIMES Rankings, we are striving hard to be recognized at the international level as well. In this endeavor, ‘Industry-Readiness at The Global Level” and “Research & Innovation” are our key focus areas.

There is a huge demand for an industry-ready manpower that is conversant with the latest technologies adopted by the industry. Therefore, it is necessary, as academicians, that we contribute to the growth of our nation by grooming professionals, who are conversant with the current advances and practices in the industry.

Building a strong industry-academia connect is a priority for me. My team of faculty members is continuously revising the engineering curriculum in consultation with the top industry experts. Keeping the latest technological advancements in mind, we are introducing the following important courses in our B. Tech curriculum for the benefit of all students enrolled in engineering, irrespective of their chosen branch in engineering: Python Programing, Basic IoT Laboratory, Data Science for Engineers, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Probability and Statistics.

To add to this significant change in our curriculum, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology has done another path-breaking change in the structure of its engineering education with the introduction of a Minor in Computer Science for all engineering students, with the exception of those already pursuing Computer Science or Computer Engineering. This change has been made in view of the surge in demand for professionals with a background in Computer Engineering along with domain knowledge of other subjects in fields like Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Polymer, etc.

I firmly believe that our nation needs research-oriented education that pushes our young minds towards innovation that can provide solutions to real-life problems. This will truly make the dream of Atma Nirbhar Bharat a reality.
As the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, providing infrastructural support and encouragement to my team of faculty members, along with their bright young engineering students, is a priority for me. It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that this team is currently working on a number of innovative, interdisciplinary projects across various domains.

With the above-mentioned impactful changes that align us further with the industry and with innovative practices, I am confident that the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at MIT-WPU will produce global professionals, who are leaders and lifelong learners with a holistic personality, contributing towards the well-being of mankind.